978-0-9862630-4-0 / 9780986263040

This International Operations Flight Manual demystifies the complexities and evolving landscape of international operations. The author has done the work of pulling together the guidance and regulatory material from the source. He presents what the FAA, ICAO, EASA, and others have to say on a subject and then breaks that down and explains it in an understandable way that is truly applicable to what you as the pilot need to know.
The manual is organized first by the main pillars of international flight operations: negotiation, navigation, communications, surveillance, and abnormal procedures.  It then presents a tutorial that takes you through the early decision-making processes and then an oceanic crossing.  Finally, it presents a 40-chapter appendix with everything you need to know that wasn’t already covered.  Topics as basic as how to plot to as esoteric as true course ten-degree tables are all part of the manual.
Whether you are new to international operations or have flown internationally your whole career you will find this book a wonderful resource. 


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  • ISBN: 978-0-9862630-4-0
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