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There is a very effective branch of yoga that few people practice – Nyasa Yoga. Nyasa Yoga is a physical yoga internal purification and cultivation practice. It is related to an entire host of yogic exercises for clearing your nadis of obstructions by invoking energies said to “divinize" a practitioner’s body. The practice diffuses energy into the body by associating mantras with every part of the body and the whole of it. For the best results you need to stay on each spot to sufficiently energize the prana of that region, and visualizing the targeted muscles helps open up the nadis quicker. When you recite a specific mantra from that location, you should linger and try to feel a full vibration in the area. The result is significant progress towards cultivating a “deva body” (astral body double) that can leave the physical body at will, which is the goal of many yoga texts. 

Basically, Nyasa Yoga stimulates the body’s prana - which is your own latent Qi, spiritual energy, vital energy or life force – into moving and then fully opening your nadis. T

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  • ISBN: 978-0-9980764-1-6
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  • Año: 2020
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