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978-1-63529-876-5 / 9781635298765

The acclaimed Vietnam Journal series from Don Lomax, nominated for a Harvey Award, is collected and presented as a series of graphic novels. Vietnam Journal is a look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of a war journalist, Scott 'Journal' Neithammer, as he chronicles the lives and events of soldiers on the front line during the Vietnam War. Collects comic book issues 5-8. 

In BOOK TWO, 'Journal' must test his resolve in order to help others survive as he cannot sit ideally while events unfold around him. He finds himself in the infamous Iron Triangle with his troop company as they come across a village hamlet that was supposed to be evacuated but it wasn't. 'Journal' and a fellow medical patient rush to save some kids in the village that is about to be overrun by Vietcong. What they hadn't counted on was some G.I.s out for revenge against the Vietnamese...any Vietnamese. And having barely survived that encounter, an injured 'Journal' is sent back to the United States to recover and he discovers another type of war going on there as he sees firsthand the

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  • Autor:
  • Editorial: Caliber Comics
  • ISBN: 978-1-63529-876-5
  • EAN: 9781635298765
  • Año: 2020
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